Ravindran Balachandran

RAVINDRAN Balachandran


Institute of Life Sciences (ILS)

Personal Statement

Balachandran  Ravindran is a Director of ILS and heads the Immunology group at the institute. He has been working on filariasis and malaria for the last 25 years at Bhubaneswar. He and his associates and students have been addressing a variety of issues on pathogenesis, role of host immunity (both innate and adaptive) in parasitic diseases.

Research Statement

His scientific interests include immunology of infectious diseases such as malaria, filariasis, and sepsis ; regulation of inflammation and macrophage biology in infectious diseases ; and evolution of immune system in mammals. The laboratory uses experimental animals as well as pathogen-exposed humans as model systems. The group is particularly interested in studying malaria and filariasis coinfection in humans and in animal models and one important line of inquiry is whether successful control of filariasis could increase incidence of sepsis and severe malaria in communities.


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Contact info

Address: Institute of Life Sciences Nalco Square Chandrasekarpur
City: Bhubaneswar
Postal code: 751023
Region: Orissa
Telephone: +91 674 2301900
Fax: + 91 674 2300728
Email: balaravi@ils.res.in

Fields of Interest

Parasite Immunobiology, Immunomodulation, Host response to parasites, Innate Immunity, Animal and Human Disease Models , Inflammation

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