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i3 has a recognized expertise in translational research in immunology. Since many years i3 engaged in systems biology approaches, towards a better understanding of immunopathologies and development of immunotherapies. The unit gathers clinicians with expertise in autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, researchers with expertise in cellular immunology, most specifically in Treg, and systems immunologists and computer scientists integrating high-throughput data in order to define immune signatures, classifications, as well as dynamic computer modelling. i3 also has extensive experience in flow cytometry, complex immunomonitoring and animal models, including “humanized mice”.

The unit has recently pioneered the use of low dose IL-2 for the treatment of experimental and then human autoimmune diseases (AID). i3 contributed to immunopathological studies in patients presenting with systemic vasculitis, demonstrating: 

  • ​The role of Treg in HCV-vasculitis,
  • The role of IL-21 in modulating Th17 and Treg in Behçet disease,
  • The role of IL-25 in Churg Strauss syndrome,
  • The mechanisms linking chronic HCV, autoreactivity and lymphoproliferative disorders (cryoglobulinemia, lymphoma). 

Also, i3 has developped methods to analyze ’omics that recently allowed the discovery of biomarkers in AID.

Fields of interest

Immunology, Immunopathology, Immunotherapy, Tregs, Inflammatory, Deep sequencing, Tregs repertoire, Translational medicine, Vaccines


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