Integrative Immunology (i2old)


​The Integrative Immunology team (i2) is engaged in the global analysis and modelling of the complexity of the immune system. We have developed a systems immunology approach of T cell differentiation and dynamics in physiological and pathological situations relying on statistical and dynamic computer modelling. Integration of multi-scale and multi-level data (flow cytometry, transcriptome, proteome, repertoire) allows modelling the dynamics and repertoire diversity of lymphocyte populations as well as analysing their gene expression. Our aim is to design an "immuno-physiome" of the immune system considered as a complex system, focussing on the T lymphocyte populations. The perspective of this work is to describe, predict and explain the puzzling complex T cells dynamics throughout differentiation and selection of T cell populations from thymus to peripheral organs in physiological conditions through ageing, as well as immunological perturbations or diseases, associated to molecular and T cell repertoire diversity alterations.​

Fields of interest

Integrative immunology, Mathematical & statistical modelling, Biomedical data integration, Data & text mining, T-cell differentiation & cell dynamics, cell population & repertoire diversity, multicolour flow cytometry, deep sequencing, transcriptome, proteome, metabolome


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