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To exert complete control over malaria disease, we need to understand the basics of parasite biology and various aspects of host-parasite interactions. We are exploring various aspects of biology of the malaria parasite and the host-parasite interactions during the red blood cell (RBC) stages of the infection. Along with studying the molecular basis of acquired immunity to malaria, in collaboration with chemists of TIFR, we assess protein structure and metabolic changes caused by the infection in the host, through the course of the disease. Recently we have identified proteins and processes that play a role in the crucial lipid sensing and uptake at the onset of parasite cell division. We also assess flexibility and dynamics of parasite infected RBCs using optical tweezers with physicists of TIFR. In collaboration with ICT, Mumbai, we are exploring nanolipid carrier-mediated delivery of antimalarials. With Dr. Vidita Vaidya of our department, we have initiated a study on the effect of mild malaria in the brain of the vertebrate host. Our Group has been addressing several questions regarding the biology of malaria parasite.

Fields of interest

Molecular epidemiology, Metabolome, Drug-delivery, B cells, NMR, Nano-lipid carriers, Flow cytometry, P-proteins, Neuroimmunology, Optical tweezers




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