Immunobiology of Metazoan Parasites (ILS)

Immunobiology of Metazoan Parasites


‚ÄčThe IMP laboratory is interested to understand Immunobiology of infectious diseases such as Malaria, Filariasis and Sepsis. A variety animal models and human diseases are used to seek insights into pathogenesis of disease processes, analysis of parasite components that induce host responses (inflammation and adaptive immune response), immunoregulatory network that determine pathology and/or outcome of infection process. More specifically, the lab wants to characterize the host response in the context of co-infections in animal models and in human communities. The experimental model allows to understand effect of two pathogens with opposing immune response in the host.

The other major project in the laboratory is directed towards inflammation mediated by pathogens and endogenous molecules broadly classified as DAMPs and the interplay and cross-talk between the two. We expect these studies to offer insights into how mammalian hosts 'deal' with pathogens and non-pathogenic commensal microbes. Our studies on regulation of inflammation and innate immunity have also led us into understanding macrophage biology and approaches to re-programme macrophage activity in inflammatory diseases.

Our investigations on co-infections in human communities have given us opportunities to address genetic basis of infectious diseases and relationship between some of the infectious diseases and autoimmunity

Fields of interest

Parasite Immunobiology; Immunomodulation; Host response to parasites; Innate Immunity; Animal and Human Disease Models ; Inflammation




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